About Us

Private Label Supplements done right

About My Sports Nutrition

Here at My Sports Nutrition, we work hard to bring you the best quality supplements at the best prices online. Our niche is helping other people start their businesses so they can sell their products and brands worldwide. We help you from start to finish, and the best time to get started is now! We focus on private labeling supplements with your brand and imagery on the bottles, so your end customers believe the product was manufactured exclusively for you.

While we do have an easy-to-navigate online store, our company does not end at sales. Our goal is to help you from START to FINISH and help you make money!

The full cycle of what we help you with is:

  1. Help you decide which products you would like to start your business with
  2. Logo and label design to conceptualize your vision into an entire good-looking product line
  3. Storage and warehousing of your finished product
  4. Shipping of your finished product directly to each of your customers

We do not sell our products retail and do not compete against you in the supplement space. We have 70+ products in-stock in our warehouse ready to customize for you and what you need. All of our products are tested by third-party, independent labs to ensure product validation and verification.

Our Story

We are based in the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Salt Lake City, originally beginning in the fitness and health industry in 2002. Fueled by a desire to keep ourselves healthy and fit, we dedicated ourselves to learning about nutrition, fitness and how food affected our bodies. This led us down a path of personal fitness, personal training, fitness competitions and the study of what supplements are and how they affect our bodies.

Fast forward a few years, and we began training and teaching others about health, nutrition, weight loss, working out and living  healthy lives. We began selling nutrition and weight loss supplements. Many people had the same experience that we did and wanted to share what they were learning and the supplements they were taking. This led us into private labeling supplements for people so they could share their stories with the world. As demand for our services and products grew and grew, we grew into manufacturing, encapsulating and bottling to keep up with demand.

Due to the incredible growth many of our clients were experiencing, they asked for direct order fulfillment to keep up with their growth. They needed help to be able to store their products, track their inventory, process their orders from many online marketplaces and be able to ship the product the same day orders came in. Many of our clients live internationally abroad, and it is not feasible for them to be able to do these things. There is no way they could get orders delivered cost effectively and within reasonable time frames. This is when we stepped up to the plate and founded Ship Central Fulfillment.

Unlike many other companies, our low prices do not mean sluggish shipping times or non-existent customer service–we pride ourselves on our customer support! If you have any questions or concerns, it is easy to contact us via phone or email. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We are here to make sure that your experience with us is the best that it can be.

Call us today, and let us help get your business started.