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How To Start Private Labeling Supplements

Are you ready to start your own supplement business? Or are you wanting to advance your business in a better direction? My Sports Nutrition can get you started in the right direction for all your Private Labeling needs. We have a wide variety of products, assist in Label design, we Manufacturer in-house, and then can ship out for you. Pick up the phone, and Call 888-224-0846 now. Let’s get you Started!

Picking The Right Supplement

First Step is picking your product. Picking the right product for your business is huge. Making sure you’re setting up your business to succeed with products you are wanting your business to be branded for. From Sports supplements to herbal supplements, or weight loss. Here at My Sports Nutrition, this is what we can offer to you:

  • 100+ Products – Having this amount of products gives you a chance to choose what product you are wanting to aim your business at. This also gives you the chance to start small on a product and grow big, or if that product isn’t working out, you have a ton of options to choose from. The best thing about having options is this gives your customer options to choose from your business. It’s always great to have options for people to choose!
  • Minimum Order Quantity – Our MOQ are some of the lowest in the Private Labeling business. With a minimum order of 50 Units, this gives you an opportunity to start a great business without breaking the bank. For other companies having an MOQ of 200 can be overwhelming for the seller. We here at My Sports Nutrition, want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Label Design

Next is Label Design. Having a label is really going to make your product what it is. Its the first thing your customers see, so you need to make sure it looks great! It should stand out but look natural to what you are selling, it’s also great to add some color. My Sports Nutrition wants to make sure you are taken care of, so we have a couple options for you to help with
label design.

  • Design it yourself – Already have an idea of what you want your label to look like, or you have a third-party creating your label? No Problem! We can send you the template and you create your own label.
  • In-House designer – Not sure how to create your own label? We have an In-house graphic designer that can create your label for you, they will work with you personally until you love the label that has been created.
  • Printing – We also have the option to print your labels, however, you are more than welcome to Print them from an outsource and have them sent it.
  • Pricing – Getting a great price, for a great product. With a Price of $199 for 1 Label for 3 different products with our in-house graphic designer.



We pride ourselves on our Manufacturing. With it being in-house this brings a lot of benefits to you and your customers. It allows a great opportunity to produce a great quality product, in an efficient timely manner. This gives you the chance to sell more to your customers with our quick turn around time. We rely on your business, we want to make sure that we can support you and your business.

  • Quality Control – As crucial it is for you, it is just as crucial for us that the product we produce to your customer is being mixed, bottled, labeled in a clean, organized manufacturer, with pure and all and natural products. We send all our ingredients to get tested by a 3rd party company to make sure they are free of impurities.
  • Speed – Who wants to wait weeks, and weeks for a product? Nobody! With our current turn around time 5-10 business days from the time you place an order to the product shipping out, you won’t need to order months in advance. You can finally trust a manufacturer to get a quality product to you, in a quick time.


At last, your product meets our Shipping Department. This department is a highly qualified team, who makes sure each package is packedĀ and will be safe so when you receive your shipment it won’t have damaged goods.We want to ensure you that your product is shipped to you once 100% complete and as fast as possible. We also have a Sister Company – SHIP CENTRAL that can Fulfill all your shipping needs. Please click here, to get further pricing and information.