NO Blast with L-Arginine

NO Blast with L-Arginine

January 30, 2015 0

Benefits of No Blast W/ L -Arginine

  • Encourages the body’s production of creatine
  • Creates synthetic creatine for the removal of waste
  • Improves sexual function
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces the risk of coronary disease
  • Relieves constipation and similar digestive problems
  • Reduces the storage of fat
  • Improves the rate of recovery for muscles and wounds
  • Promotes lean muscle growth


Product Description:

Are you looking for the best supplement to benefit your overall health? NO2 Blast with L-Arginine just may be the supplement for you. Its key ingredients encourage the production of creatine, an essential building block for protein. In addition to encourage the body to produce creatine, the product also contains synthetic creatine for the best possible results.

NO2 Blast with L-Arginine has a numerous amount of desirable effects on the body. It encourages detoxification, digestion, and overall heart health. It also improve sexual function and increases blood circulation. Finally, NO2 Blast with L-Arginine is also the perfect companion for a workout. It increases the speed of muscle recovery, prevents the storage of fat in the body, and can help with lean muscle growth.

Safety Information:

Before using this supplement, individuals who take daily medication, who are under the age of 18, who have a known medical condition, and women who are pregnant or nursing should consult with a physician before using this, or any other supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of this supplement.

Do not consume this product if the safety seal is missing, damaged, or broken. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.


NO2 Blast with L-Arginine is a supplement designed to promote overall health. It works in several ways in the body. It works by increasing the amount of creatine in the body, by encouraging the body to produce its own and by introducing synthetic creatine. It can be used  It is also an ideal supplement to use with a workout regimen, as its ability to reduce fat storage and speed muscle recovery can be helpful when trying to gain lean muscle or lose weight.

The increased amount of creatine and its other ingredients have several effects on the body. NO2 Blast promotes detoxification and digestive health, improves sexual function, improves blood circulation, and can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.


This supplement includes A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), OKG (omithine alpha-ketoglutarate), L-GKG (L-Glutamie alpha-ketoglutarate), and A-kic (arginine ketoiocaproate). Its Other Ingredients include Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Croscamellose, Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Stearic Acid.


This product is intended for use as a dietary supplement. Take 2 capsules twice daily. For optimal results, these should be taken 20-30 minutes prior to eating with an 8 ounce glass of water.

NO2 Blast with L-Arginine FAQs

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is considered to be a semi-essential amino acid. It is found in several foods and supplements. L-Arginine is a building block of protein. The proteins it works to build target muscle regeneration and growth.

What is creatine?

Creatine is another protein of the body. Creatine is critical because of its contribution to the body in building muscle power and mass.

How does NO2 Blast improve heart health?

L-Arginine works to improve heart health because it changes into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter. It sends messages to relax blood vessels, including those around the heart. It also improves circulation.

Is synthetic creatine safe?

The body cannot tell the difference between creatine that is manufactured by the body and synthetic creatine. This makes this supplement very safe. However, it is still essential that you follow the directions for use unless otherwise advised by a physician. Increasing the intake of creatine will not cause an upsurge in its effects, rather, it may have adverse side effects.

How does NO2 Blast work for fitness?

NO2 Blast works to contribute to overall fitness in several ways. First, it helps block the storage of fat, to improve body composition. It also works as a detoxifier, and improves digestion in the body. Finally, NO2 Blast works to increase the recovery for muscles and promote lean muscle growth.