Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup

January 30, 2015 0

Benefits of Yacon

  • Contains probiotics
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Prevents the oxidation of cells to combat cancer and aging
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Promotes good digestive system health
  • Works as a diuretic
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Eliminates toxins in the body





Product Description:

Are you tired of dietary supplements that are truly hard to swallow? Yacon Syrup makes supplementation a sweet and easy process. It allows you to reap all of the benefits of the Yacon Root without having to swallow a large pill.

Yacon Root is known for its diuretic properties. These properties can release retained water, cleanse the body of toxins, and help to support healthy weight loss. It also contains probiotics and antioxidants. The probiotics contained in Yacon Root allow it to support digestive health and boost the health of the immune system. Its antioxidants can fight free radicals and the oxidization of critical cells. These effects are preventative measures against the aging process and cancer.

Safety Information:

Women who are pregnant or lactating and those under the age of 18 should speak with a physician before beginning this or any other supplementation program. It also recommended that individuals taking a daily medication or those with a known medical condition consult with a doctor before use. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of this product.

If the safety seal of this product is missing, broken, or damaged, do not use this supplement. Store in a cool, dry place that is out of the reach of children.


Yacon Syrup is derived entirely from Yacon Root. It allows you to reap the benefits of Yacon Root supplementation without the need to take any supplements. Yacon Syrup is well-known for its use as a sweetener. To use it, you can simply stir it into tea and other beverages, or even use it in syrup and other liquids atop your food.

There are many benefits of supplementing Yacon Syrup into your diet. It works as a diuretic, cleanses the body of toxins, and promotes healthy weight loss. Yacon Root also contains antioxidants and probiotics. Its antioxidants prevent the oxidization of cells and fight free radicals to combat cancer and the signs of aging. Its probiotics encourage good digestive health and boost the function of the immune system.


This supplement contains only Pure Yacon Syrup. It has no significant source of fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, or Vitamin C. It contains less than 4 carbohydrates, 3 of which are sugars. It has 1% of the daily value for iron.


Yacon Syrup should be taken three times daily as a dietary supplement. Take it before or with meals. Its sweet flavor allows it to be used in tea, coffee, and other beverages, and in syrup or other liquid mixes. Take 1 teaspoon with each dosage.

Yacon Syrup FAQs

What is Yacon Syrup made of?

Yacon Syrup is derived from the botanical plant known as the Yacon Root. The Yacon Root is a relative of the sunflower family. It usually has at least 20 roots, with each of them weighing at least one pound.

How can it be used for weight loss?

Yacon Syrup supports healthy weight loss when used in conjunction with a proper diet and adequate exercise. It is also a good place to start before beginning a diet or exercise regimen. Yacon Syrup removes toxins in the body through the urinary tract and prevent water retention in the body.

What do its antioxidants do?

The antioxidants that are naturally contained in Yacon Syrup are key players in the fight against the oxidation of cells in the body and free radicals. Preventing oxidization and free radicals benefit the body by preventing the aging process and cancer.

How can probiotics benefit me?

Probiotics are good bacteria and microorganisms. They can benefit you by supporting healthy digestion. Probiotics can also boost the functioning of the immune system.

Is Yacon Syrup safe?

Yacon syrup is considered to be very safe. Before the usefulness of Yacon Syrup for medicine was recognized it was used as a sweetener. Its long history of use as a sweetener ensures its safety for use.